Dollhouse Miniature Wrought Iron
Baker's Racks, Tables and Wine Racks
J. Getzan Handcrafted Dollhouse Copper Miniatures
Copyright (c) 1978-2017 J. Getzan
Handcrafted Bread
Baker's Rack
Miniature Handcrafted
Double Wide
Baker's Rack
Miniature Handcrafted
Double Wide Baker's Rack
with 2 lower side shelves
Miniature Kitchen Islands - click here
Standing Pot Rack
Copper Wash Boiler
Copperware and Teakettles
Miniature Tables - click here
French Dessert Table
with a "Chamois" Top
Decorated for a party!
Miniature Wine Racks - click here
Miniature Wrought Iron
Wine Table
with a "Green Verde" Top
Miniature Pot Racks - click here
Hanging Pot Rack
with 3 lights
Miniature Parlor Etagere
1" Scale
Miniature Etagere
1" Scale
#60G - $36.00
3" High -w-2 Plates
#60B - $36.00
3" High -w-2 Plates
Porcelain Plate
with Gold Trim
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