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Etagere #418-ET


This Etagere can be used to display a miniature
collection of plates, silver vessels, sculptures and wood
or porcelain objects. The shelves can be ordered with
any color faux granite (Corian is used - acrylic counter
top material) or any exotic wood like Rosewood, Ebony
or Cherry. The finish is also available in bronze, white,
gold (brass) or any custom color to match your decor.
Just email us to ask what we can do.

Shown with Rosewood Shelves and a Gold Finish.

5 3/4 inches high
2 1/2 inches wide
1 1/4 inches deep
Shown with Bronze Patina Shelves
and a  Antique Bronze Finish.

5 3/4 inches high
2 1/2inches wide
1 1/4 inches deep
Objects on shelves not