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Dollhouse Miniature Wine Tables & Bottles
J. Getzan Dollhouse Miniatures
Black Wrought Iron Wine Table
(holds 7 bottles sold separately)
#411-WRT     $110.00
3 inches X 1 3/8 inches X 2 3/8 inches high
Your choice of color top and base
Miniature Wine bottles
under table sold separately
#2WB 2 Wine Bottles $5.00
Miniature Wine Table
shown empty
French Dessert Table Wine Rack
with Silver Base and "White Antarctica" Top
2 inches W X 4 inches L X 2 1/2 inches H
May be ordered in any color top or base
#103-FDTWR  $160.00
Shown in Silver Base
with "Bronze Patina" Top
#104-FDTWR $160.00